What is Gay Caleb?

Gay Caleb

Gay Caleb As Cartoon

Hello and thank you for coming to my site “Just don’t get it all over the place hehe ”

Anyways this site is about mostly me. I am Caleb, I am a 11 year old boy as of now anyways. My birthday is Dec. 10 1999. And yes i will party like its 1999 =oP

I live in different places depending on my parents and their work. But most of the time i am in California.

Also in case you have not figured it out yet i am GAY!
YES that’s right gay! I know what your thinking OMG how can you be gay!
Well I am and I know it. However my parents are not gay friendly =O(
Beause if this I must hide my shameful gayness from them!
Well shameful to them not to me, I have learned to accept that I am gay.                          For them on the other hand, that’s a whole different story!

But being an 11 year old gay kid who has to hide in the closet is Scary lonely and DANGEROUS!

Many days have gone by where I wanted to kill my self!
Thankfully I have not been successful!

With parents that I know will hate me if they knew I am gay. And not being able to express my gayness around real, in person friends, is so so so hard!
So thankfully I have my site. It is an outlet to express my self for who I am and hopefully this way no one I know personally will find out it’s the Caleb down the street or at their school or even worse there son who is gay.
This is why I do not have my pictures all over my site.
It is for the my safety. To protect me from more torture and bulling from those who know me personally.

I know what your thinking, well I want to see your face, well here is a tip that I hope does not get me busted from my family! How can I trust my site with this secret? Well I know my Parents HATE GAYS!!! So MUCH that the moment they see a site about gay stuff they will move on! And hopefully as long as my face is not on the front of the site they wont notice it’s me!

So I have a picture of me that I have on here that you will see after all the post’s I write.

However if you like to see more pictures of me or I have removed my picture in fear of my parents finding me you can also Friend me on Facebook! Or Trevorspace!

My Trevorspace Profile URL is - http://www.trevorspace.org/Caleb
You do need to be a member and you must be under 24, to see pictures of me there.
However i have many many pictures of me there.

Over 24 years old ? Its ok i am cool with that!
I also have a Facebook Account and you can friend me there.
www.facebook.com/gaycaleb – That is the URL to my Facebook Account.
You do need to add me as a friend before you can see my photos and if I ask how I know you just tell me your from my web site www.gaycaleb.com
And I will add you I have many many pictures there as well and my parents are not allowed! hehe

Well I hope you keep coming back to my site! I try to have new things posted daily the best I can so please keep coming back, without you, my fans and friends there is no point in writing so I NEED YOU GUYS!

I am also looking for help for my site for editors to edit my horrible spelling and come up with their interesting gay articles and over time I hope to have a staff to help me with my site.

Until then have fun! Oh almost forgot if you like to help with my site or have questions  please  use my contact page to get hold of me or one my helpers thanks!


                                                                                                                     -Gay Caleb

9 thoughts on “What is Gay Caleb?

  1. You’re a really sweet kid. I WISH YOU WOULD MESSAGE ME BACK ON FACEBOOK! Youre really cute and I want to get to know you better!

  2. Be awesome, man:) My parents don’t know either, so I totally understand. Hah, I thought you and Tyler were like blood brothers.:)

  3. Hi Caleb !

    I’m French, and I was Bisexual when I was between 10 and 16yr.
    I hated my life and I wanted to kill myself.
    I just want to tell you: “Stay Strong, and never let anyone destroys you”

    PS: I hope we could chatting ;)
    If you want some advices or just talk, you can leave me a message ;)

  4. Thank you so much for your website, it has really opened my mascara covered eyes, before I thought I was alone now I know I’m not!!!! You’re so brave!!!!

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